As a small business, you probably have very specific goals around your marketing strategy. Especially if you are a brick and mortar store, local advertising should be your first priority. Whether or not you have a website, our local marketing package can LITERALLY get you on the map (the Google, Bing, and Yahoo map). Our Local Places Basic package gets more exposure than a “Phone Book” listing, and is more affordable than direct mail flyers or coupons.

When talking to new businesses, we have a saying; “Conguer the local market, and then, the WORLD!” All joking aside, it’s very easy for new business owners to get caught up in the idea that they HAVE to market to New York or Los Angeles right off the bat. Web rankings are influenced by many things, including the age and “authority” of the site. This takes time to build, so we recommend that a new business starts by targeting their local area first, before diving into National or International marketing. This is a more affordable and sustainable model at the beginning, and will allow a young business to build their reputation and their marketing budget before taking the next steps. Our services can be an extremely affordable option for you if you are just getting started on a new business.