Be the “go to” place for your customers.

In today’s marketplace, people are on the go, and they take 3 things with them; their keys, their wallet, and their SMARTPHONE.

Mobile Now Marketing can help you create a mobile identity that visitors will find informative and easy to use. We can create a mobile friendly version of your existing website, or we can create an independent mobile website (for those businesses that do not currently have a traditional website). We can even host your mobile website for a small monthly fee!

Why do I need a Mobile Website?

Picture a busy mom, on her way home after a brutal day. She’s tired and looking for something to grab for a quick dinner. She knows her family enjoys Chinese food, but isn’t sure which place to choose. She types in “Chinese restaurant” on her smartphone, and it shows her several options based on her location. She doesn’t want to go just anywhere though, so she changes her search criteria to only show her restaurants with a rank of 3 stars or better. She selects a restaurant that has excellent reviews and a mobile-ready menu so she can click to call ahead her order. Her phone tells her exactly how to get there and the food is hot and ready, so she gets home in no time. She makes sure to save the link to that restaurant’s mobile menu for next time. YOU could be that restaurant!

Picture a poor fella with a broken toilet at home. He goes to his usual hardware store to get the replacement parts he needs to fix it, but they are out of stock. He enters the part he is looking for into his smartphone, and uses a local search to find a store that carries it. He doesn’t have to drive across town to see if it’s in stock, because he just clicks on the listing to immediately call the store. He then drives straight there and they have the part waiting for him. He goes home, fixes the toilet, and makes sure to save the information for that great store that helped him out in a pinch. YOU could be that store!

Today, people move around more than ever, and you need to be able to travel with them. The technology is here and it is more affordable than you think!