Mobile Now Marketing QR Code

This symbol can bring people to your door!

This symbol, known as a QR code, is similar to a UPC code on items you buy at the store. It tells you about what the item is, who made it, how much it costs, etc…

¬†Smartphones can read these codes using FREE software, and store the data it reads from it into memory. We can help you create a code like this for your business, and link it to your homepage, mobile landing page, coupons, or any other area you’d like them to see. Post your code on your window to bring customers back to your brick and mortar store, or use it on your website to easily send information about your business or products to a users phone. This little code can revolutionize your business, and is a supplement or even replacement for expensive print advertising!

¬†Not sure you want to get into the mobile market just yet? Our basic local marketing package can also help you create web coupons, even if you DON’T have a website! In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save a little money. Why not accommodate them with a web coupon!

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