Happy Friday everyone. I just had to throw this out there for you because it was so dang funny. As some of you know, when you have a website that accepts comments from visitors, sometimes you get people that try to post comments just for the sake of marketing their own items. Now, I’ll be honest, if someone wants to make a valuable comment on my site, with relevant information and/or an honest opinion, and they happen to include a link to something that is also valuable and has worth, then I’m all for that. However, there is a subculture among Internet Marketing Professionals that will SPAM any comment box they see with vague statements or generic language in order to get back links to their target website. Some of them are so freaking lazy, that they don’t even bother writing the nonsense comments themselves. They use a “Content Generator” or “Content Spinner” that will take a single sentence or paragraph and reword it into several different version so they can post them to many different sites without duplicating. Well aparently I had a newbie trying to post to my blog yesterday. The post read as follows:

“<strong>{The|The very} {crux|heart|core|root} of your writing {while|whilst} {sounding|appearing} {agreeable|reasonable} {initially|at first|in the beginning|originally}, did {not|not really} {sit|work|settle} {well|properly|perfectly|very well} with {me|me …</strong>

Throughout the awesome pattern of things you’ll receive a B- just for effort. Where you misplaced me personally was on the specifics. As it is said, details make or break the argument.. And it could not be much more correct here. Having said that, per…” – yes literally that was the end of the post.

So not only did this genius send me a nonsense comment, but he left all the alternate words from his generator in the post. Classic…

I’ll admit, I LOL’d.

So since I’m here talking about this I’ll just let those of you out there who may want to start a blog or other type of website that would accept user comments, to always set your content management system so that you review all comments before they post. Then you can set it so that a comment poster has to be approved at least once before being able to post unmoderated content. This way if you get someone that makes valid comments and you allow their comments to be posted, you won’t have to moderate their comments every time. Just a little tip to help those of you out there just getting started. Anyway, I’m super slammed so I’ll catch you all later!

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